We believe strongly in upholding our values. This is not just something we say, but rather our values are cultivated and practiced every day by each and every employee.  We act in the interests of the company, bear the consequences of our actions and take initiative. Each individual employee contributes to achieving our goals.


Professional Services Co. was established for a purpose to achieve its customer’s goals, aspiring administrative stability for them. Always focused on performance not only do we search for perfect way to perform the work, but we also motivate each and every one of our employees to focus resolutely and sustainably on the benefits to our customers.


You will find that our performance discriminate us from other companies. Our experience ensures that the services we provide will be customized to fit each client’s unique circumstances through our Professors, legal advisers, accountants and consultants to ensure the stability of the institution as a whole to satisfy its purpose.

Legal Services

• It is an honor to have such an opportunity to offer our legal consultations and services to your esteemed company and we are doing our best to provide for you the best services covering legal affairs especially within the current changes and development in the country.
• We seek to provide legal consultations and solutions that meet our clients’ needs through acting according to the applicable rules and articles of law.
• Continuous communication with you is a process that aims to the extraction of all actions in its legal frame in the manner that provides the legal protection required for the company and to achieve tranquility through the following:-

Firstly: protection the company of being exposed to risks

• Professional service company carefully takes care of risks management by providing the best solutions to raise the protection and tranquility levels, provided by distinguished consultants, lawyers and specialists who provide their recommendations represented in providing all legal consultations in all branches of law ( civil – commercial – criminal …. Etc.), supported by documents of laws, regulations, and ministerial decrees, legal procedures and any other amendments, in order to put all the company’s actions in the correct legal frame in order to avoid the company’s exposure to risk.


Secondly: Legal representation of the company:

Professional services company is honored, through its professional specialists to represent your esteemed company before all governmental bodies and authorities in order to execute all the related procedures and as per the following:-
• Representing the company before all Egyptian courts.
• Attending before the public prosecution in order to reply to any reports issued by or against the company.
• Representing the company before all international arbitration authorities
• Attending at police departments in order to reply and submit any official reports related to the company


• Chasing the debtors to the company in all amicable ways in order to take the legal procedures and methods to collect. • Regulating and following up all the company’s files according to the Egyptian laws, making all contracts ( business – real state – commercial … etc ) in the manner that grants the achievement of the contract purpose. • Attending before the working office to reply to the employees complaints. • Representing the company in executing the internal investigations with employees and workers. Dealing with the general authority for investment and free zones regarding the company’s matters.