We believe strongly in upholding our values. This is not just something we say, but rather our values are cultivated and practiced every day by each and every employee.  We act in the interests of the company, bear the consequences of our actions and take initiative. Each individual employee contributes to achieving our goals.


Professional Services Co. was established for a purpose to achieve its customer’s goals, aspiring administrative stability for them. Always focused on performance not only do we search for perfect way to perform the work, but we also motivate each and every one of our employees to focus resolutely and sustainably on the benefits to our customers.


You will find that our performance discriminate us from other companies. Our experience ensures that the services we provide will be customized to fit each client’s unique circumstances through our Professors, legal advisers, accountants and consultants to ensure the stability of the institution as a whole to satisfy its purpose.

Accounting and auditing

• Prepare and review of the payroll sheet for the monthly salaries equivalents including basic salary, overtime, incentives, bonuses and allowances, Penalties salary tax and social insurance calculations (Company and employees share)
• Prepare and review the quarter salary Form before delivering it to the Tax Authority.
• Prepare and review the payroll annual settlement before delivering it to the Tax Authority.
• To deliver on behalf of COMPANY the monthly checks of the salary tax.

Accounting and auditing

• Direct contacts and meetings with the Tax Authority for the purpose of finalizing the tax inspection.
• Present at the tax inspection and prepare all require documents and review it before send it to the tax authority.
• Study the Tax inspector's report and discuss the findings and details with the Company's management.
• Prepare the defense memorandum indicating our appeal against pending issues with the Tax Authority.
• Represent COMPANY at several meetings before the Internal Committee and discuss our views at these meetings.